Sea Turtle Farm

Welcome to Sea Turtle Hatchery - Mahamodara.

They rescue turtles who are in danger of loosing their lives to the fishing industry whether they are caught in nets or hunted for meat.

They currently have about 40 turtles, baby turtles, including 4 types of turtle.

All are welcome to visit the farm, to see and learn about Tara turtles here in Sri Lanka.

Situated at 45 km from Imagine Villa Hotel.

Imagine Villa Hotel
IMAGINE....a villa- hotel on an exotic bay, a white sand beach and the inspiring billows of the endless ocean. A friendly modern hotel, artfully built in a pleasant colonial style, 10 spacious beachfront and elegantly decorated rooms and suites with terrace.

  234, Ekanaykawatta, Kamburugamuwa, Mirissa -Sri Lanka.
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