Udawalawe National Park

Udawalawe National Park lies on the boundary of Sabaragamuwa and Uva Provinces, in Sri Lanka.

The national park was created to provide a sanctuary for wild animals displaced by the construction of the Udawalawe Reservoir on the Walawe River, as well as to protect the catchment of the reservoir.
Udawalawe National Park, the sixth largest animal sanctuary of Sri Lanka, is situated just south of the Central Highlands, of which escarpment brings about an enrapturing backdrop.

Udawalawe National Park established in the year 1972 with the objective of protecting the catchment area of Udawalawe reservoir, which provides water for agriculture and hydro-power generation spreads over an area 30,821 resembling an African game park. 

Nature lovers visiting the Udawalawe National Park will discover a treasure trove of wildlife wonders.  

Drive through Sri Lanka’s third most visited national park, listen to the music of the wild, take pleasure in the naturally fresh ambience  and enjoy some of the finest animal sighting ever!

If you always wanted to see Elephants in their natural habitat, then Udawalawe is where you should be heading for.

Witness the power of Elephants as large herds of them sometimes as large as 250 in a herd with their babies, graze boldly by the tank;

An inspiring experience, an unforgettable moment!

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